Steps to Conducting a Successful Focus Group

focus-group-300x199Most people love to be asked their opinion and they’re generally not shy about voicing it.

Visually, capturing that “aha moment” when the participants “get it” is powerful evidence in support of the idea. A good moderator brings about impromptu idea-generating interactions.

Market Directions conducts focus groups at the local, national and North American venues. We recruit, moderate and report. Check out the “Green Book” to see focus group facilities in any area.

Identify Client Needs: What do you want to know?
Identify Possible Participants: Who do you want the information from?
Create Moderator Guide: What questions will promote discussion? Are any background materials needed?
Coordinate Facility: Geographic Locations; Special Needs
Engage Moderator: Certified moderator; Brief moderator on subject
Recruit Participants: Qualify Participants; Appropriate compensation
Audio – Video Tape Focus Group: Stationary Video? Close-ups?
Arrange for Refreshments
Conduct Focus Group: Hostess Moderator Observers; Participants
Present Results: Concise Report; Recommendations

Contact Market Directions for help with your next focus group, whether its the whole project or just one aspect. We will find the right venue, recruit participants, moderate, analyze and report results.