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Boston Marathon Survey

The Boston Marathon Bombings were and still are an event that shook the Nation. Its reminiscent of baby boomers memories of where they were the day JFK was shot. Given the tools and analytical mindset of my own business — a market researcher— I’d like to know more about people’s reactions to the Marathon events. Do you have five minutes to share your experiences and thoughts? If so, please click here to take a survey.

Steps to Conducting a Successful Focus Group

focus-group-300x199Most people love to be asked their opinion and they’re generally not shy about voicing it.

Visually, capturing that “aha moment” when the participants “get it” is powerful evidence in support of the idea. A good moderator brings about impromptu idea-generating interactions.

Market Directions conducts focus groups at the local, national and North American venues. We recruit, moderate and report. Check out the “Green Book” to see focus group facilities in any area.

Marketing Budgets. How much should you spend?

market-research-budget-300x199Building intellectual capital in the form of marketing data which supports marketing strategies is as strategic as building a diversified financial investment portfolio.

Determining your market research budget, planning the year’s research activities or deciding whether to outsource market research is dependent upon internal factors. Major factors which may determine the necessary allocation of resources include—— staffing issues; expertise, time constraints; capacity; flexibility and the product life cycle.

Choosing a Market Research Firm

choosing-a-firm-300x199Using fact-filled arguments to gain valuable resources within your organization for your marketing strategies is the best road to success. When considering market research there are pros and cons to outsourcing or performing the task in-house. When deciding what would work best for your organization, do your homework. Below is a link to an article from the American Market Association that may help you choose the right market research firm.

How can you use market research for better marketing?

All of the following marketing activities listed will benefit from in-depth market research, as long as you don’t ignore the data or the evidence.

Uses of Market Researchmarket-research-directions2-e1298523434297

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