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Market Directions’ has perfected its qualitative process. We interview respondents with professional “conversationalists”, not robotic telemarketers. Qualitative conversations can provide you with the building blocks to map the customer’s buying journey, and:
  • Discover how the decision-making process is structured by industry, company and title of buyer.
  • Uncover critical thresholds that change prospects from interested consumers into revenue-generating customers.
  • Exploration of what your customers really want.
  • Perspective on how customers perceive your organization, products and services.
  • Verify the most effective ways to reach customers.
  • Insight into appropriate messaging tone to ignite, incite and motivate.
  • Realize customer frustrations and pain points.
  • Empower sales with context and story building.
[finance_icon_text style=”style7″ title=”On-Demand Video and Audio Interviewing” ficon=”fa fa-file-video-o” icon_color=”#3680db”]Sometimes, online surveys are simply not efficient at providing in-depth, qualitative marketing research. If you want to learn how a customer truly feels about a product or service, then listening and watching them as they respond to questions can provide some remarkable insights. With On-Demand Video and Audio Interviewing Services, the team from Market Directions can perform the surveys on your behalf. We will then evaluate relevant aspects of the respondents’ body language, voice inflections, and other physical characteristics to document the subconscious interactions that can be so valuable to in-house marketing teams.[/finance_icon_text]
[finance_icon_text style=”style7″ title=”Why Choose Market Directions to ask Questions on your behalf?” ficon=”fa fa-question” icon_color=”#3680db”]You get the best answers to your marketing questions by gathering combined quantitative and qualitative research data. Market Directions uses correct approaches, the right technology and the right methods. We have recruited, surveyed and interviewed thousands of people from consumers to high-level decision making executives. We get to the right people, know when to use a survey v a qualitative approach and employ our tactics according to your capabilities, your budget, your timeframe and the importance the data has on your marketing decisions.[/finance_icon_text]
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