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Asking Questions

Market Directions ask questions, questions that are formatted to compel insightful answers from your audience. We do this with surveys, interviews and groups; focus, user, and community— the right questions, get you the right answers.

Means to ask questions


Surveys are one of the strongest methods for gathering data about customers in a structured way. In-depth, thorough research with surveys helps you eliminate the risk of incorrect, expensive marketing decisions. But, before you can have meaningful results you must have great survey design.


We interview respondents with professional “conversationalists”, not robotic telemarketers. Qualitative conversations can provide you with the building blocks to map the customer’s buying journey, build personas, and understand the “why” of purchasing decisions.


Thanks to technology Focus Groups are no longer the only way to conduct research in a group setting. There are MROC—Market Research Online Communities, Online user groups, user experience groups, to name a few.

Recruiting Respondents

Qualified respondents are the most important aspects of every research project. To find them, you need recruiters who understand your project, your target and how the right respondent produces a successful study.

Organizations can be skeptical about research and its typically because they believe in B2B research that talking to the correct target is impossible.

Well Market Directions, continually puts these clients at ease and pleasantly surprises them with the caliber of people we recruit to survey or interview.

We utilize direct recruitment to ensure that we identify the most qualified candidates – those you will not find through customary sources. We validate respondents, treat them with respect and courtesy.

We have recruited high-level, hard-to-recruit audiences including KOLs, and education, financial, and IT, decision makers. We pride ourselves on our reputation as a market research firm, who works tirelessly to get you the respondents you need.

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