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Intelligent Company

Advance your marketing with Market Directions’ evidence-based market research solutions which serve as a strategic and go-to-market decision-support catalyst that supports intelligent business and marketing decisions.

Nokia: At its peak in 2010, it had $74.56B in revenue. In 2014, it recorded $13.4B
Kodak: At its peak in 1996, it had $16B in revenue. In 2012, it filed for bankruptcy.
Blackberry: At its peak in 2011, it had $20.59B in revenue. In 2015 it is $3.3B.

These three companies have something very important in common: they are victims of disruptive technologies that no one saw coming.

Market Intelligence

An Intelligent Company goes beyond the day-to-day marketing activities of product, promotion, pricing, channels and sales. Instead, you carefully consider your environment as the foundation for positioning your company, and its products and services.

Learn your company’s position in the market and carry it through the ups and downs of technological, economic and social changes.

Customer Intelligence

Every company needs evidenced based marketing, that is supporting marketing decisions and campaigns with critical information and data which conveys your customers’ experiences and stories. The only way to gather evidence is with market research.

Count on us to mine your database, add in other secondary information and transform the findings into meaningful insights about your customers and environment

Competitive Intelligence

How does your competition stack up on their marketing strategy and competencies? What are their recent marketing tactics? What kind of operations and customer service do they provide? Where do they succeed and fail?

Hire Market Directions and we will provide answers to those questions.

The Intelligent Marketer

At Market Directions, our goal is to make you a more successful marketer.

Many of your internally-focused processes may not be delivering what customers need and want.

At the core of intelligent marketing is effective decision making.

With the correct intelligence from your environment you will make sound marketing decisions that are both reasonable and rational, even under pressure.

You will understand how to

–identify your value proposition in terms of the customer.

–tie offerings and marketing messaging to knowledge of your customers and their hierarchy of needs.

Market Directions’ job is to collect the data and then help you synthesize the information into strategic significant marketing actions.

Market Directions is expert at collecting and synthesizing data and we do it faster and with a greater degree of efficiency
than most marketers busy at doing their marketing job.

Learn your company’s position in the market and carry it through the ups and downs of technological, economic and social changes.

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