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Analysis, Meaning, Stories

At Market Directions, our goal is to use research to help you find more meaning.

Start with a premise in mind. What do you really want to learn about your market and customers? What do you already know?

Meaning through great research

Great research involves investigation, establishing a trail of evidence, and arrives at a conclusion that proves or disproves the hypothesis.

We work together to map the entire customer journey. How do they experience your company, products and services?

We study demographics. What you know about the customers and their environment that drives their decision making?

We all know the phrase “knowledge is power,” but knowledge is essentially powerless if it is not put to good use. Market research makes knowledge relevant to solving your premise or problem. With knowledge in hand, your company can draw conclusions to gain business acumen and establish a leadership position. This meaning is the foundation of your Go-to-Market Strategy.

Customer Journey

Get to know your customers, the buyers of your products and services, by building composite profiles that define their decision and pain points, motivations, and roles in the purchasing process.

A buyer’s journey encompasses all of the steps users, prospects or customers go through in engaging with your company as they consider your product or service and then become users.


If you take some time to read the demographics of the world the U.S., your state and town to understand why everyday experiences don’t reflect the real numbers of how the world is changing. This is especially important for organizations when doing long-term business planning.

Consider how a demographic analysis can assist you in planning marketing campaigns, site location decisions, and other resource allocation decisions.

The art of the story--- insight into impact--

What will your marketing and product teams remember months and years from now? It’s unlikely to be a large data chart filled with statistics.

Most people recall stories throughout their lives, finding them relevant to their POV … understanding market research is no different.

Storytelling is the art that makes data science and research come to life. Each research report you deliver to your team should be filled with details that jump off the page. This story likely describes your customers’ sentiments and how they use your products and services in their daily lives.

Market Directions’ reports consider the starting point or foundational understanding that your internal audience already knows well and build upwards from that. Using the same personas or descriptions of your audience over time.

We look at the big picture or theme then create a framework for understanding the key findings from the study.

What’s the main storyline in this chapter? Hint: there should be one or two (not hundreds). Our reports provide significant details with real, descriptive examples. Reports that paint a picture to illustrate only the key points.

Once the story is written, we step back and insure that it relates to the company and its current, primary decisions. How can you use the story’s contents effectively? Reports that tell a story stimulate “aha” moments leading to action and planning.

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