Social and Web Monitoring

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Beyond traditional web analytics

The number of conversations and interactions on social media is exponential. As a result, social media monitoring, tracking and analysis has become essential for managing an organization’s brand in order to better identify opportunities and manage threats.

[finance_icon_text style=”style7″ title=”Social Media Advantage” ficon=”fa fa-globe” icon_color=”#3680db”]Research from McKinsey and MIT indicate organizations engaged in social media realize competitive advantage and performance improvements. The study concludes that approaching social media strategically can support business processes by helping navigate external environments to build stronger links with customers, vendors and employees.[/finance_icon_text]
[finance_icon_text style=”style7″ title=”Quantitative/Qualitative Market Analysis” ficon=”fa fa-users” icon_color=”#3680db”]Market Directions uses the best tools available on the market to carry out quantitative and qualitative analyses of the conversation around your brand to monitor and measure the performance of social media with precision. We take a structured approach to research that tracks results over time, and then benchmark your performance relative to your history, competitors, peers, customers, your industry and the market.[/finance_icon_text]
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