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Surveys are one of the strongest methods for gathering data about customers in a structured way. In-depth, thorough research with surveys helps you eliminate the risk of incorrect, expensive marketing decisions. But, before you can have meaningful results you must have great survey design. Online, in-person, Phone—


What are the Correct…?

Number of Respondents?

Determining sample size, is not difficult, there are many statistical programs that can easily give you a number. The most difficult part of sampling, is being sure that your respondents are chosen randomly, that is, each respondent has the same chance of being selected as any other respondent in your universe or population.

Number of Questions?

With the ease of on-line surveying many surveys today are too long and, ask too much information. Therefore, abandonment by the respondent is a result. Set your objectives concisely, and then ask only those questions that are related to the objective. Do not ask, “nice to know” questions in hopes that someday you will use this additional information.

Survey Scales?

The right scales are a very important aspect in designing a survey. Should you use a five point scale, ten point scale, seven point scale? Each has its advantages and disadvantages. One way to assist in determining the correct scale is to identify how you will use your survey over time, will it be used to benchmark year to year?


Faster, cheaper, more, that is usually what market research departments crave. So, on-line surveys and panels have become the DIY of survey design. The internet has been great, but phone, interviews and mail surveys still have their place for some target markets. However, with DIY you risk bias and subjective thinking into your survey—clouding the real answers you need.
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