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Try to detail your understanding of your customers. You’re likely to discover unexpected gaps in your knowledge. This is called an explanatory gap, or not knowing what you don’t know. Once you understand this, you realize that market research is your key to successful marketing. Market Directions asks, analyzes and presents information that stimulates marketing solutions that are tied to your new understanding of customers’ needs.


Qualitative Market Research

To interpret what’s going on, to gain depth, or to understand customer needs in a more refined, multi‐dimensional manner. Helps you to scope out the role your product or service plays in the customer’s life and the tasks they engage in while benefiting from your solution. In‐depth interviews and focus groups are the most common qualitative market research methods.

Quantitative Market Research

Collects data and measures/counts results. Allows you to understand in aggregate, your market, customers and prospects. It begins with a hypothesis, tests a sample, then makes assumptions about an entire population. Surveys: and demographic analysis are the most used quantitative research methods.

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