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Product vs Person: Buyer Personas & How to Maximize Marketing

The adage “the customer is always right,” dates back to the early 20th century, but a growing trend in marketing is taking the same approach. A buyer persona takes real-world research to answer the who, what, when, where, why, and especially the how of your customers. Who your customer is What is the motivation for […]

Are you risk averse? — Don’t leave your business unprotected from the unknown.

Today, many companies talk about risk, but what are they doing to protect themselves from the things they don’t know.  How does a company keep abreast of its environment?  A simple, effective way is with secondary research provided by an objective source. Secondary Research (research from the web and other secondary sources) provides important strategic […]

Individuals with power to influence purchases— Is this the real Social Media?

Watch Charlize Theron walk on water in a commercial, you know she’s promoting Dior perfume. See Tom Brady’s steely gaze in a magazine ad, you know he’s shilling for Tag Heuer. Witness Jennifer Garner use her girl-next-door charm to try to get you to sign up for a credit card, you know she’s working for […]

Ten Mistakes when creating online Surveys

10 Common Mistakes Made When Writing Surveys 1. Having little or no understanding of the target audience 2. Providing multiple choice lists that are too restrictive 3. Requiring answers to all questions 4. Asking too many open-ended questions 5. Using ranking questions incorrectly, or overusing them 6. Asking unnecessary questions 7. Asking too many questions […]

Give them a Reason to Believe – Concept testing and Product Optimization

Concept testing and product optimization is about assessing new product ideas and to test repositioning and improvement of existing products. The process involves gathering information “evidence” to build informed go-to-market strategies. The evidence also guides “go” or “not go” decisions, consequently saving capital, time and effort. Creating Actionable Product Concept Tests: So what are the […]


Think about it, these two, very different Brits would be segmented together within your survey results.  Unless you ask the right questions and take a deep dive into the results, you may not see the nuances of what survey results may be telling you.

Marketing Defined. What is your definition?

Marketing Defined and Your Definition of Marketing After reading, please click on the link to share your definition of marketing. Why define marketing? A definition indicates competency and promotes legitimacy. When precisely defined words are communicated they should convey a vivid, precise understanding of the concept, so that everyone can interrupt correctly what is meant […]

Marketing and Go-to-Market Strategy

Marketers have a tendency to focus on immediate tactical needs to the detriment of long term, high value strategic market planning.  Its always disappointing when we are approached by clients when they decide to skip the strategic marketing phase of a project.  In order to keep costs down and speed a project along, they always […]

Show Respect, Keep Surveys Short!

Conducting primary research (collecting data yourself) is hard. Once you have a clear objective of what it is you want to know, developing the questions to reflect your curiosity, decided on a target audience and venue—- then the most difficult aspect happens. Getting people to respond.

Survey Questions Require A Framework

When developing and analyzing surveys, there is a considerable amount of time and effort in developing the questions format, sequence, length, and the effort and time required by respondents to answer them. Questions have a technical aspect to them, (see our Paper on Question types) but also developing questions has to be done in a […]

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