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Market Directions

Market Directions is a full-service market research firm. Full-service means that we are capable of managing all phases of market research in support of marketing strategy. We listen to our clients, consult and apply our expertise to deliver results.

What you should know about us

Through our market research, Market Directions assists companies with marketing strategy, tactics and programs to create interest, demand and recognition for the firm and its products. Your market research project results will insure that the products you create communicates the benefits that the customer wants in the manner expected. Market Directions does this by compiling and summarizing secondary research and by directing primary quantitative and qualitative research.

In addition, to ensure your product is demand driven, Market Directions works with Product Marketing, Sales and Management to ensure the right mix of features, positioning and price. The information we collect aids in making the correct product, competitive, and pricing decisions while minimizing the risk of expensive incorrect decisions.

There is a compelling need for organizations to reevaluate the methods used to understand their customers— evidenced by election result predictions by some of the “best” researchers — qualitative research has emerged through dialogue-based initiatives that help to gain insight into how and why rather than how many and probing into the memory of past behavior.
Mary MalaszekPrincipal, Market Directions

Why Market Directions for your market research?

Our mission is to make you a successful marketer by helping you to understand your customers, your prospects and make appropriate responses to market conditions.


We are client-centered, good listeners, easy to do business with, and focused on high-touch relationships. We are enthusiastic about helping our clients achieve meaningful results.


We are can-do, agile, and with a clear understanding of your purpose and direction, we move quickly and decisively to meet your business objectives. As a boutique firm we handle a limited number of clients each month.


We rely on our ingenuity to overcome obstacles and help you succeed. We help you see the big picture, recognize opportunity, and know how to apply our expertise to guide you in the right direction.


We say what we’ll do, do what we say, and do the right thing. We stand behind our work, and prove our value providing you with measurable, lasting results. We are honest, ethical, and direct in all of our dealings.


We have an obligation to our clients and our own success. Running a financially healthy business contributes to the citizenship of our team and reassures clients of our long-term sustainability.


We embrace our client’s the convictions and capabilities, we encourage fun, freedom and family to get the job done on a schedule that works for each of us, our clients, and our colleagues.

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