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Asking Questions

Market Directions ask questions, questions that are formatted to compel insightful answers from your audience. We do this with surveys, interviews and groups; focus, user, and community--- the right questions, get you the right answers. Means to ask questions Surveys Surveys are one of the strongest methods for gathering data about customers in a structured [...]

Intelligent Company Service

Advance your marketing with Market Directions’ evidence-based market research solutions which serve as a strategic and go-to-market decision-support catalyst that supports intelligent business and marketing decisions. Nokia: At its peak in 2010, it had $74.56B in revenue. In 2014, it recorded $13.4B Kodak: At its peak in 1996, it had $16B in revenue. In 2012, [...]

Active Listening

Success is grounded in listening to your customers, partners competitors, industry experts and employees. Active listening provides for a more agile organization to exploit opportunities, pre-empt threats and leverage consumer shifts and trends. Self Protectiveness: The reason organizations do not listen to what customers are saying. Listening requires skill including empathy Listening… is not merely [...]


At Market Directions, our goal is to use research to help you find more meaning. Start with a premise in mind. What do you really want to learn about your market and customers? What do you already know? Meaning through great research Great research involves investigation, establishing a trail of evidence, and arrives at a [...]
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