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Market Directions assisted a Healthcare Company in setting and meeting its customer service objectives.

An independent, Upstate New York Health Care Services organization with over 50,000 members needed help when its regulators rated them as not up to standard in the area of customer service, including call answer time, hold time and other measurements.

Not only did this health care insurance provider not meet the standards set, they also did not have the technology in place to implement any new call center operations. Additionally, the firm also faced problems with the inability to communicate with clients whose first language was not English.

  • Customer Service objectives were set by a regulatory agency and even though the standards were known, Market Directions also did a benchmark study against similar sized firms in the area.
  • Once the firm knew where it stood Market Directions:
  • looked at the skills of the personnel who delivered the service
  • looked at the customer base—determined a demographic profile
  • looked at the technology which assisted in delivery
  • Finally, we made recommendations for implementation which included new technology, training and coaching of customer service reps ….. including management training.

Additionally, we recommended call centers that had attendants with various languages.

Healthcare Marketing

Often time’s health care marketing is viewed as an invasion into some of the most sensitive areas of people’s lives. We are very sensitive to our clients and their customers/members. We protect the client and their patient’s privacy. Thus, the details of the case studies above may seem ambiguous which is intentional to protect sensitive information that cannot even have the appearance of being handled indiscreetly.

Market Directions benchmarked a call center’s customer care against its peers.

More than 37,000 people work within the Longwood Medical Area, 15,000 students attend school there, and each year more than one million patients visit the area’s hospitals for medical care. This small area generates over $3.4 billion in annual revenues. Our Client contributes to that success by facilitating the flow of traffic, coordinating development plans, serving as a liaison with the Greater Boston community and acting as a general community planner for the LMA.

And when, Our Client needed an objective third party to benchmark it services against other, similar firms, they hired Market Directions who:

  • Performed benchmark studies by interviewing key personnel
  • Computed, reported and presented the results in graphic format
  • Performs the studies annually

Market Directions conducts healthcare survey for Primary Practice

A community-based, multi-specialty group practice affiliated with HEALTH CARE FIRM with fifteen primary care and six specialty practices attended various seminars provided by the major consultancy firms. But when they needed to implement their patient satisfaction measures, they came to Market Directions to objectively implement a survey which gathered data, created metrics to be used today and in the future, and provided the group with the skills and knowledge to implement themselves on an as needed basis.

Market Directions conducts focus groups for major healthcare insurer.

Market Directions worked with the health care services of a $40 Billion insurance firm to “rebrand” some of their health care coverages amongst various market segments in Tier 1 cities across the U.S. Market Directions performed focus groups and implemented the project with the following tasks:

  • Booked Facilities in the Major Cities
  • Recruited Participants
  • Prepare Moderators Guide
  • Report and Analysis of findings

As a result of the focus groups, INSURANCE COMPANY went ahead with its rebranding.

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