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Client Description

When a European digital learning management system (LMS) company, the largest learning platform in Europe and one of the four largest in the world wanted to increase U.S. k-12 sales, they called on Market Directions to understand the buyer, the influencer and the market.
Their system has over four million active users worldwide with many users in the United States.


Case Details


Quantitative On-line Survey
Qualitative In-depth telephone Interviews




200, 20% completion rate



Qualitative: An understanding of the buying process along with an understanding of who had the most influence in purchase decisions for LMS Software. Additionally, an in-depth look at how the software is used and its strengths and weaknesses in the classroom

Quantitative: Understanding brand awareness, use of competitive products, preferred features and satisfaction levels.


Company Actions:

As a result the LMS company understood who to invite to product demos, who owns the product and who they should target to get their foot in the door to build a relationship for a sale. They also had a clear view of their place in the market— identifying their strengths and weaknesses and then exploiting appropriate actions for each.

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