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The Company and the Project

A leading global consumer goods company with a strong portfolio of well-known brands and manufacturer of cleaning tools and supplies developed an innovative product to compete directly with Swiffer®— the leading disposable cleaning system. The Company hired Market Directions for an in-depth dive into who purchases cleaning products and to test the product concepts with target consumers.



Market Directions examined the purchasing behavior of consumers within households they make purchasing decisions for household cleaning products. The analysis consisted of those who purchase disposables v reusable mops and brooms and their price points.

Demographic and psychographic profiles were established.

Once a target consumer was determined focus groups around the country were conducted to gain valuable feedback on the acceptance of the product. Could reusables compete with Swiffer® within a market of those who do their own cleaning?

Market Directions determined the target audience, recruited the participants, planned, administered and conducted the focus groups.



Based on the results of the focus groups and the price point of the product tested the company determined that there was not a market for its new concepts at the price point determined.

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