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The Company and the Project

A leading global commercial and consumer insurance company wanted to introduce a new liability line to its commercial portfolio. The Company hired Market Directions for an in-depth dive into who makes insurance purchase decisions and to gain insight into their thoughts on a Commercial Liability Insurance Product. In additional new logo and product collateral materials were to be tested.



The difficult aspect of this project was to recruit the correct individuals within various business organizations at a high level who were willing to participate in a focus group. Market Directions targeted the correct decision makers and compelled them with messaging that resonated with them to gain their participation in a focus group. The messaging stressed the importance of the having the right amount of liability insurance and stressed an educational portion of the focus group. We offered the correct incentives, correct venues and time of day that made it convenient for high level executives to participate.



Based on the results of the focus groups the insurance carrier was able to understand the pain points of executives that make liability insurance purchase decisions. They developed a sales campaign that dealt directly with these challenges and the product had a successful launch and sales campaign.

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