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The Company and the Project

A west coast restaurant franchise comes to the east coast. They needed to know about preferences and expectations of customers. They hired Market Directions to field patrons as they were exiting restaurant.



Quantitative: Field study to gain insight into restaurant experience v. expectations.

After thorough discussion with the restaurant management team — the team at the New England Location and the team at the management headquarters— specific objectives were established:

  • Measure customer feedback on service categories.
  • Measure customer feedback on atmosphere Determine customer profiles.
  • Determine if there is any specific entry that is not appealing to a majority of patrons.
  • Determine if patron would recommend restaurant to a friend or revisit.–NPS

Company Actions

Company gained real insight into who the customers are, their diversity, expectations, satisfaction levels and overall experience. They adjust menu and services according to expectations. Also a base NPS was established to measure trends over time.

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