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The Company and the Project

A new entrant into the purchase of excess bandwidth in rural Pennsylvania entered the market and needed to determine the best location for their wireless service. They hired Market Directions to explore and discover population and business density of the best physical location for line of site service.



Market Directions examined the demographics of two cities within Venango County; Oil City and Franklin. These cities were studied in order to determine the economic centers, population density, business density, trends, growth and any unique characteristics. A drive through the communities of interest uncovered any geographic barriers to a central hub location.

Density areas were determined, central points were mapped highlighting a three-mile radius from the center point and an analysis was conducted to determine the number of businesses within the service area. Additionally, cell towers and radio towers registered with the FCC were mapped in order to assist in determining the plausibility of co-locating.

Major employers are examined to determine what types of industries impact each City. The major employers were also examined to determine:

  1. If they are within a plausible geographic center
  2. If they have more than one location to be connected, or
  3. If they are large enough to affect the site location.



After our initial research, which determined population and business density, we examined two economic centers for location of a Hub: Oil City and Franklin while the smaller economic centers were given a more cursory review.

The demographic make-up of both Oil City and Franklin are very similar and therefore the report gives reasons for locating in both Cities.

Once service begins in other areas, or a survey is done, a better recommendation can be made based on the type of businesses that are receptive to the service.

It was determined that Clair and Forest County do not have the market potential that Venango County offers.

The report provided aggregate picture of Venango County, with an examination of the two major economic centers’ demographic make-up followed with recommendations of location based on the criteria of business density and geographic plausibility.

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